Saturday, June 24, 2017

Motorola Has Committed Suicide under Lenovo

Hans is back.. sort of. I have been so busy with the new job (over the past year and a half) that I have had not much time to write anymore. I don't have time to read either. I typically have to settle for listening to books or other material, when possible. But today I felt the urge to write.

This blog and even our YouTube channel is likely going to take on the nature of an actual blog. Rather than writing articles or posting videos about specific teachings, we will be using the blog and YouTube channel to simply document what is going on in life. This will likely make things more interesting, especially since we are (hopefully) closing a deal on a 5 acre property very soon. We are pretty excited to share and document, in real time, our adventures of getting started on a real homestead.

So anyway...

I was writing to Anna on my Motorola Droid Turbo 2 from work this morning. She has the Moto Z Droid. When I was typing, I kept running into the problem where the phone zooms in automatically. I noticed this just recently. If you type too fast, it will make your screen zoom in. This did not use to happen. My wife told me, without me even prompting her, that the same thing happens to her, and that it didn't use to happen. She thought at first it was her new phone (she had to get her phone replaced because it was not charging properly, and she only had it for a few months). But what we are discovering is that this is a software problem.

Here are the problems we have had with both of our Motorola phones recently. They are ALL confirmed software problems:

1) When Anna got her Moto Z Droid, shortly after there was an update on the system. This system update effectively made her notification sounds (including texts) barely audible, rendering that portion of the phone practically useless. This software problem continued for some 5-6 months before it was finally solved. You can read about the issue here.

2) Recently, Anna had problems with the phone intermittently not giving any sound, on texts, notifications, phone calls, etc.

3) My Droid Turbo 2's turbo charging no longer works. I have to use a wireless charger to even get it to charge. The Verizon store confirmed this was a software issue as well.

4) Zooming in when typing, as noted above.

So with all these software problems, that happen after so called "upgrades", the thought hit me, "Motorola has committed suicide". Which is true. They are basically running their company into the ground and almost having to give their phones away. I thought it was strange that a $700 flagship phone was on sale last year (when my wife bought it) for barely over $100.00-- and this also included mods for a stereo speaker and additional battery pack.

It is really quite unbelievable how bad of a company Motorola has become since being taken over by Chinese owned Lenovo. There is so much more I could say about these phones. The sad thing is, Motorola phones are actually quite good when they work. I like a lot of the features they have. But I will never buy another Motorola again.


Thursday, May 18, 2017

YouTube: Beyond Off Grid

Hello!  Its finally here! Beyond Off Grid has finally been released, and Hans and I want to share our take on this amazing documentary.  Be sure to check it out and take advantage of the offer at the end! (And a few funny bloopers!)

Anna Gygax

Monday, April 10, 2017

Life Is Busy! Updates And A New YouTube Video

Hello dear readers! We are finally back! Hans and I have been overwhelmed with responsibilities lately, both online and in real life.

In between teaching classes for his work, Hans was able to take our family, all 10 of us, along with him on another recent business trip to West Virginia. The children are loving all of this traveling. Hans, not so much!

We have been working non-stop, fixing up our house to ready it for market. Hopefully by summer we will be able to share with you how God has provided us our homestead!

Good Morning White America has been filling every spare moment of our time producing weekly radio productions, another teaching on humility by Hans which will be posting this week, and hosting bible studies every Sunday.  All of us a GMWA are slowly but surely finding our foot in this chaos, and fine tuning all the way. The vision of actual, local church bodies, an official ministry, and raising more leaders besides Adam, Clement, and Hans are becoming realities. Watching God's hand move in it all has been such a blessing!

As far as our YouTube channel, I have been so busy editing for GMWA, gutting the house and yard, preparing our backyard homestead for spring, and being a busy, homeschooling mama of 9, that it has fallen on the backburner.  But the end of house projects is in sight, and the school year is winding down. I hope to edit our most recent part of our series on Good Morning White America, on homebirth for Biblical National Principles In Every Decision, and get it up on the Swiss Kinist channel soon. If you haven't tuned into GMWA recently, you will soon be able to here our 7 part section on our birth stories and why homebirth is our decision on YouTube.

We do, however, have a treat for you today!  Another fun in the kitchen video, we decided to do another "How To" tutorial. This time, Hans and I share a special recipe, one our family has passed down for generations. It is an absolute favorite to all who try it. We hope you enjoy it! (And be sure to watch all the way to the don't want to miss a thing!)

Hopefully we will talk again soon!

Anna Gygax

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Bible Studies, Sermons, YouTube, and GMWA

Hello all!  Anna here again.  I hope you all don't mind that I've taken over writing for Hans so much!  It's been a very busy season, with Hans traveling much, many household projects, as well as lots going on over at Good Morning White America.

We are currently posting our audios that have been airing on GMWA weekly, over on our YouTube channel. It is for our ongoing series Biblical Nationalist Principles In Every Decision. We are a bit behind, but if you have missed hearing our episodes on GMWA, you can catch them over on YouTube. We are trying to post a few a week until we catch up, but for now, you can watch Household Products, Buying Quality Products, and Gardening and Organics.  We hope to get a separate YouTube exclusive video up this week as well for you all!

We are also very excited to be a part of Good Morning White America's launch of Essential Christianity Bible Studies. Starting Sunday, March 5th, Hans, Adam Grey, Clement Pulaski, and Grey Rebel will be teaching each study as we dive into the Bible and break it all down into the foundations of Christianity. (Edit: Hans speaking here) : This will be live on Google Hangouts, and although all are welcome, please understand that these studies presuppose the Protestant Reformation version of Christianity as truth, and the studies will operate under this assumption. 

The purpose of these studies are the glorification of Christ; edification of one another, learning to know and walk with Christ. The meetings will not be a place of debate between Protestant/Catholic/Orthodox, etc. The meetings will not be a place of debate between different Protestant denominations either. But rather, in these meetings we will be "endeavouring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace." (Ephesians 4:3) --end of Hans' writing

Currently there is an East Coast and West Coast group, with Hans leading East, and Adam leading West. For more information on how to join, visit GMWA, and click under the "Churches" tab. You can also download, or buy a physical copy of the first installment of study guides on Genesis. Hans, Adam, and many others are praying this opens a door for God to plant physical local churches of like-minded believers across America. We hope you can join us!

Within the next month Good Morning White America will also be posting sermons, teaching important biblical topics. Adam, Clement, and Hans will be rotating every three weeks, with Hans being on the third each time. We pray that these will bless you and help you grow in your Christian walk!

Also, if you have children or know someone who does, we highly recommend Adam and Mary Grey's new book that has just recently been published! We are so very excited for them, and also very excited to finally have a children's book written from a godly Nationalist mindset!  Be sure to get a copy of Walls and Fences. We look forward to many more wonderful books like these from the Grey's!

~Anna Gygax

Friday, January 20, 2017

Moore Family Films Review (It Is Your Life: The Moody Family): Good Morning White America

Hello everyone!

Today we have a special video to post on YouTube.  It was actually an audio, originally aired on Good Morning White America, as a review of a Moore Family Films movie. We want to share 'It Is Your Life: The Moody Family' with you. Be sure to watch the video to see how we hope to bless you with a copy of this wonderful film!

Anna Gygax

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

YouTube: Good Morning White America - How To Butcher Coturnix Quail

Join Hans and Anna on their journey of health, thrift, and independence. Continuing in our series on Biblical Nationalist Principles In Every Decision for Good Morning White America, we decided to share with you a glimpse of one way that we take our food preparation into our own hands. Literally.

Processing meat is a must-know to prepare for building Biblical Christian Homestead Communities in the future.  It's best to learn how to process your own meat by starting with a small, easy animal. On this video, Anna and little Christian Gygax demonstrate how we butcher Coturnix Quail in our little backyard homestead.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

YouTube: Homeschool Children Deprived of Childhood Without Santa

Hello people!  Anna here. Hans has been so busy lately, I am gonna' update you all again this time! Two posts in a row....aren't you lucky?

We have been excitedly moving forward on our series Biblical Nationalist Principles In Every Decision on Good Morning White America. The last two episodes have been discussions in the food aspects of life, and touching base on the health and "from scratch" issues.  We also have put out a few interviews with Adam Grey on Christmas traditions and White Nationalist boycotts.  Be sure to check out all of those episodes, as well as stay tuned for next week when we talk about our food budget!

We have put a few random videos up on YouTube recently, but my favorite so far has been Homeschool Children Deprived of Childhood Without Santa, starring several of the Gygax children.  Such a fun little skit that we enjoyed putting together as much as watching!  If you are ready for a smile, be sure to watch!

Stay tuned, as I am hoping in my free time (Ha! Said no mother of 9 children ever!) to have a giveaway review posted on YouTube for you all.  Hans and I are looking forward to what God has in store!

Anna Gygax