Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Good Morning White America (GMWA) Christian Nationalist Radio Program and other Ideas

Newest YouTube Video: Christian Advertising Deception: Heirloom Audio Productions
Our newest YouTube video is a review, not of the actual Audio Drama or Audio Dramas themselves, but of the way Christian Businesses advertise; in this episode we focus on an advertisement we received in the mail from Heriloom Audio. They have been creating audio dramas based off the G.A. Henty historical/fiction novels that were written in the 1800s.

Of course, as with any Focus on the Family type production, political correctness and virtue signaling toward the Marxist Anti-Racism Agenda had to be established as a sacrifice to their god. This isn't to say that all of the dramas themselves are totally bad, but it is still very disappointing. In the particular episode, we focus on the way Christian businesses advertise no differently in their tactics than the world does, and are conformed to the world in this way (Romans 12:1,2).

Good Morning White America (GMWA)
In other adventures, Hans and Anna Gygax have joined the team of Good Morning White America. GMWA is a Christian Nationalist Morning Radio Show that will air every Tuesday and Thursday Morning. It can be downloaded and listened to at approximately 7am on the show dates. Adam and Mary Grey are the hosts of the former podcast AM Grey, a Christian Kinist Husband and Wife Duo, which was very enjoyable and encouraging to listen to. You can listen to archived shows on their SoundCloud page for Good Morning White America.

Hans and Anna have a segment on the Inaugural show from Tuesday September 27, 2016; we provided a condensed version in audio of our YouTube episode titled The Futility of Nationalism that is not Christ Centered.

On the show for Tuesday October 4th, we have a segment that begins hopefully a lengthy, continuous series called "Biblical Nationalist Principles in Every Decision". Tuesday's segment is the introductory part of the series. This is going to be audio only. But we do have a new microphone that has a better sound quality, and we are very excited to begin using it more. 

Other Possible Future Adventures/Episodes
Other adventures we hope to plan on tackling in the future, God-willing:
  • An episode on the Kent Hovind Divorce & Remarriage Situation
  • A satire style series (previously mentioned) of acting skits, highlighting the inconsistency and hypocrisy of those who are anti-racist (i.e. anti-white)

God, have mercy upon your people and upon our race, and cause us to turn to you with all our hearts; starting at home with us!

Hans Gygax