Saturday, June 24, 2017

Motorola Has Committed Suicide under Lenovo

Hans is back.. sort of. I have been so busy with the new job (over the past year and a half) that I have had not much time to write anymore. I don't have time to read either. I typically have to settle for listening to books or other material, when possible. But today I felt the urge to write.

This blog and even our YouTube channel is likely going to take on the nature of an actual blog. Rather than writing articles or posting videos about specific teachings, we will be using the blog and YouTube channel to simply document what is going on in life. This will likely make things more interesting, especially since we are (hopefully) closing a deal on a 5 acre property very soon. We are pretty excited to share and document, in real time, our adventures of getting started on a real homestead.

So anyway...

I was writing to Anna on my Motorola Droid Turbo 2 from work this morning. She has the Moto Z Droid. When I was typing, I kept running into the problem where the phone zooms in automatically. I noticed this just recently. If you type too fast, it will make your screen zoom in. This did not use to happen. My wife told me, without me even prompting her, that the same thing happens to her, and that it didn't use to happen. She thought at first it was her new phone (she had to get her phone replaced because it was not charging properly, and she only had it for a few months). But what we are discovering is that this is a software problem.

Here are the problems we have had with both of our Motorola phones recently. They are ALL confirmed software problems:

1) When Anna got her Moto Z Droid, shortly after there was an update on the system. This system update effectively made her notification sounds (including texts) barely audible, rendering that portion of the phone practically useless. This software problem continued for some 5-6 months before it was finally solved. You can read about the issue here.

2) Recently, Anna had problems with the phone intermittently not giving any sound, on texts, notifications, phone calls, etc.

3) My Droid Turbo 2's turbo charging no longer works. I have to use a wireless charger to even get it to charge. The Verizon store confirmed this was a software issue as well.

4) Zooming in when typing, as noted above.

So with all these software problems, that happen after so called "upgrades", the thought hit me, "Motorola has committed suicide". Which is true. They are basically running their company into the ground and almost having to give their phones away. I thought it was strange that a $700 flagship phone was on sale last year (when my wife bought it) for barely over $100.00-- and this also included mods for a stereo speaker and additional battery pack.

It is really quite unbelievable how bad of a company Motorola has become since being taken over by Chinese owned Lenovo. There is so much more I could say about these phones. The sad thing is, Motorola phones are actually quite good when they work. I like a lot of the features they have. But I will never buy another Motorola again.