Question and Answer

Question: Are you a racist?

No. Yes.

Why do I say no and yes? Because it all depends on your definition of the word racist. If you mean by racist, a person who hates all people who are not of his own race, then no, I am not. If you mean that I think I am better than everyone else because of skin color, then no, I am not.

But if you mean that I prefer to be with my own extended family group, and that I prefer to not mix all races out of existence; if you mean that I appreciate the diversity of races that Jesus Christ created and therefore do not wish to eliminate them; if you mean that I do not wish to participate in Cultural Marxism, then yes, I suppose I am.

But I challenge you to give an honest and fair, and just argument, civilly, as to why I am wrong for being so, instead of name calling, ad hominem attacks, and so forth (as I describe here in this article). The Bible does not teach promotion of Cultural Marxism.

If you truly are interested to know the Kinist position better, and want to know the truth, and do not wish to simply condemn someone based on incompatibility with the spirit of this generation, please visit the following pages of podcasts and articles:

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Are you a legalist?

I seek to obey Jesus Christ and live wholeheartedly for him. I also call others to do so, because my goal is that Jesus Christ is glorified in every detail of our lives. If I have an honest, heart-felt belief that the Bible teaches us to do certain things, I will also exhort others to do so. Please see a more detailed explanation in my post  But... that is my PERSONAL Conviction.

Why are you so judgmental and intolerant?

I do find it ironic that those who call me judgmental and intolerant, are, by their very statements, judging me and being intolerant of me! But anyhow...

If you want to find those who are actually intolerant, look no further than contemporary Christianity. Every time I post an article on a social venue, I am immediately attacked; not based on anything that is written in the article, but solely because they see the name Kinist, or because they find out that I do not  believe in Social Marxism and bow down to the god of multiculturalism. They dismiss any logical or biblical argument I make in my posts and judge me based on their misunderstandings of who I am as a person (without ever asking me pointed questions to understand me better).

But regarding judgment: I do not use my own judgment. I use the word of God and the Bible itself is what judges. The Bible determines if the way we are living is correct or incorrect. Man's opinion does not matter. If you find something I say to be not based on God's word, then feel free to send me a message and we can discuss these things as gentlemen. My call and my job is to tell people to obey the word of God and I am specific to areas of life that the church has weaknesses and failures in, whether intentionally or unintentionally.

More question and answer to come later!

For a more extensive FAQ regarding issues of Kinism, please see Faith and Heritage's FAQ.