About Dead Kinist

This blog will have a little bit of everything. Since Jesus Christ is Lord of all, it follows that every area of life is important, and should be brought under the dominion of our LORD, the Creator of Heaven and Earth, and our Redeemer.

This blog, although written by a Kinist and written primarily to exhort, reprove, and encourage fellow Kinists; this blog is intended to bless all of God's people who claim the name of Christ, in order to cause them to repent or to cause them to continue in the way of righteousness.

Swiss Kinist, AKA Hans Gygax, is the father and head of a Christian family of 8 children (and God willing, more to come). Over the years, our family has sought to put Christian principles into all the practical areas of life we could think of; particularly areas of life that Christians tend to ignore. In the early 2000s we began to understand that taking serious matters of natural living and health were important, yet simple ways that we can better glorify God. Functioning in and living the way God designed us and seeking to improve upon our practices is not unspiritual, neither is it a neutral area of life (no area of life is neutral). Therefore occasionally you will see a post about health, diet, lifestyle, etc.

You will also see posts about the little choices we make in every day life. The things we buy, the places we visit, and what we spend our time doing. No area will go untouched, God-willing. I hope to make this a practical blog, and not theological only. Because there is no use in holding to any doctrine if it does not effect a change in our lives, to the intent of holiness and glorifying Jesus Christ.

This does not mean that theology will go unmentioned, because your theology will dictate how you live, and the choices you make. And our theology must match up with the word of God, and we must not elevate a packaged theology above the truth of scripture. In the same manner, we must not elevate theology to a place where all we have is a bunch of head knowledge, but have no personal and family holiness bearing out in practical areas of life.

You may find that I question just about everything. I do not accept doctrines or systems of theology simply because it is the popular opinion, neither will I disregard a teaching simply because it is condemned by all of modern Christianity. Because of this, undoubtedly I will be misunderstood and falsely accused. This is to be expected and I accept that, although with much grief.

I have no doubt that whatever camp you come from, most of you will hate me. That is okay. I love you yet still and am praying that the Lord Jesus Christ will be magnified in your life. Here are the verses of a song that exemplifies what I desire my attitude to be; the song is "A Prayer for Boldness" by John Marr:

Though all my friends should turn and walk away
Should old acquaintance scorn my name
I count it as a privilege to play the fool
If by laughing at me they look at you

Though my body might be broken and destroyed
Still I know your word will never return void
I count it sweetness every bruise and every wound
If by walking over me they get to you

Jesus, won't you give me boldness, give me courage
Jesus, won't you fill my mouth up with your living word....

For my original intro about this blog, please see What do you mean Dead Kinist?

Swiss Kinist