Recommended Websites

One thing you will notice about my recommended sites, is that I am not afraid to link to those whom I do not agree with on everything. You will see links to Calvinists and Anabaptists alike, and everything in between. If the person or organization has been helpful to me in my walk with Jesus Christ (or in the raising of a godly family), then I have no problem recommending it. You will find this list is full of diversity. Enjoy! I will update it as I have time.

The Godly Home- A site full of good sermons and articles that will change your life. This also has the video series of Denny Kenaston's "The Godly Home" to view for free. Just be careful, it comes from an Anabaptist worldview so doctrinally they are going to be off on some stuff.

True Sons of Abraham- A Christian Nationalist site that offers a good balance between Christian principles and Nationalism, as it should be.

Shotgun Barrel Straight- A personal blog from a dear brother in Christ of mine, who tells it how it is and cares none for politically correct Marxism. He is a master at presuppositional apologetics.

No Greater Joy- An excellent child training website. Michael Pearl's To Train Up a Child was the foundation of our efforts to bring up our children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. In doctrine, Pearl is not very good, but nevertheless he is an extremely helpful resource. You know his material is good because it is so hated by those who hate Christ and his word (including phony Christians).

Faith and Heritage- A solid Christian Nationalist website defending the beliefs of our Christian forefathers against Cultural Marxism. Stays up to date on current events and refutes objections to Kinism in well-written, lengthy articles.

North Country Farmer- Highly Recommended. Scott Terry promotes Christian Agrarianism, which is probably the most important subject area of our generation. He holds weekly live podcasts on Blog Talk Radio.

Pocket College- Numerous lectures to listen to free of charge by R.J. Rushdoony, promoting Theonomy, Post-Millenialism, and Christian Reconstruction.

Tribal Theocrat- A Kinist website primarily made up of very good podcasts (some of them are not the best, but most of them are good). I, Hans Gygax, have 2 written articles and one podcast I participated in on this site.

Iron Ink- A Reformed Theonomic Pastor of a small church, and his blog. Has a good practical application of scripture in his posts, particularly regarding politics.