Friday, April 29, 2016

Hans Gygax as Guest on True Sons of Abraham Podcast

April 9th, I was a guest on Clement Pulaski's True Sons of Abraham, podcast. We discussed Donald Trump and a few other similar topics, from the Christian Nationalist, Christ-centered worldview. On the YouTube video below, I give a short video introduction to tell a little bit more about Clement and the important work that he is doing on his website. Clement has also recorded several other off the cuff podcasts since our shared podcast. You can access his full list of podcasts here, but I also encourage you to view his articles and his online books as well.

Unfortunately, due to my family's busy schedule, it took me a little while to get this posted. I do plan on recording another couple of videos this weekend, God-willing. They will probably be short in nature, but to the point:

1) A message regarding White Advocates who profess Christianity

2) A message regarding White Advocates who are Anti-Christ

After these, I have a vision to perhaps record another product review video or two. Over time, you should be able to see the kind of products we buy, and why. And maybe I can convince a few of you to put a little more thinking and prayer into the purchases you make and the other "little" decisions of life.

Comments and suggestions welcome!

Monday, April 18, 2016

What I Mean When I Say I Am Anti-Technology

A beloved brother in Christ asked me this question on my recent video:

What do you mean when you say you're "anti-technology"???

I want to start out by listing just a few of the resources that have inspired me in this area over the past several years:

Surviving Off Off-Grid: Decolonizing the Industrial Mind by Michael Bunker

North Country Farmer; a Christian Agrarian website hosted by Scott M Terry

The Biblical Basis for Christian Agrarianism by Howard King - Audio Sermon

The Village vs The City by Howard King - Audio Sermon
(Both sermons are on the same page.)

Henry and the Great Society by H.L. Roush
(This is a PDF version of the book, but you can buy a hard copy of it from many different online sources. The ending is not good, but the main principles taught throughout the book are very good.)

Yes, I Am Anti-Technology 

When I say I am "Anti-Technology" I am half joking, but it is yet based on the truth of what I believe. I don't believe we should embrace technology just to embrace technology. I believe there is plenty of technology that might make things more convenient or easier, that should be rejected. An extreme example would be, if there were a technology that could track all of your thoughts. The reasoning behind such a technology, like with most technology that intrudes on liberty, would be that it prevents crime, or that it would help solve crime. In other words, increased technology, like most oppressive laws, are based on "safety" or some form of supposed societal good. Although it might be true that it could "help" in those ways, I am against such technology because that technology is not worthy enough to lose our freedoms over. I use this same reasoning as my basis to be against technology on less extreme things (even though they are not actually much "less extreme" when you really consider it). Is it worth it for our societies to have conveniences like automobiles, factories, the electrical grid system, air travel, cellular phones/mobile devices, etc., etc.? I would raise an argument that more evil has come from these things, than good. I believe that we lose more than we gain. 

Biblical Christianity vs Christian Humanism

The reason why I believe most people would find the above statement to be borderline lunatic, is because they have embraced a humanist philosophy. While Rushdoony in no way endorsed my view, his view has shaped my thinking in this area. He explains that to modern man, because he has embraced humanism, man's life is the most sacred thing. This is in his section of The Institutes of Biblical Law where he speaks about the Death Penalty. Let me explain: The Humanist thinker is generally against the death penalty. In his mind, because man is god, man's life is most sacred. Man's life is of higher value than justice, righteousness, and the glory of God. So to put someone to death is immoral because it violates these principles of humanism. 

In a God-centered society, the Death Penalty is used "to put away the evil". The glory of God is of highest value. Not only this, but it can be argued that God still yet places high value on human life; when a murderer is put to death, society is spared from further evil (in the form of murder). I argue the same points for being "anti-technology". Will some forms of technology save certain individual lives? Certainly. But is that more important than being able to have a society that glorifies God, and that has liberty? The humanist thinks so; because human life trumps the glory of God. Furthermore, I would argue that such technology actually produces much death. Sure, you can rush your child to the hospital in an ambulance and save his life due to the automobile. But how many people are killed in car accidents every year? But even if this were not so, I would still choose against having that technology due to the former points. I would argue this on most things that have come from the Industrial Revolution. The Industrial Revolution is from the pit of hell, in the fruit it has borne.

A More Refined Definition
Do I still use these technologies? Yes. There isn't really any escaping it. But if/when new communities are built, when the current economic system collapses (it is not a matter of if, but when), and if I am a leader of a community, or have any authority, I am going to push for our societies to have as little of this as possible. I don't have all the details figured out. And I don't believe using the technology is evil in of itself. But I think the world would be better off for the glory of God if it didn't have certain forms of technology.

So I am not actually against technology. A hammer is technology. So is a screwdriver. And a rake. And a shovel. I appreciate these forms of technology. But I do not appreciate drones, or security cameras, or metal detectors, or naked body scanners, and anything that is oppressive in of itself, or that can lead to oppression. I do not endorse technology that causes the family to scatter, the community to be broken up, and that induces individualism (rather than community living). This is all part of my belief in Kinism. 

If we go back to the local community, using God's natural means to live our lives (rather than worshiping self and what we can do), living off the land, using what he has provided (animals rather than machines is just one example), then Kinism is the natural result. This is why Kinists are wasting their time if all they do is pursue intellectual/doctrinal/political matters. We need to get practical first, and above all. The other things have their place, but the practical is where the meat is. And the chief of practical living is that every detail of all our actions are measured carefully by the word of God, and we honor Christ above all else. May we all seek to do this, and repent if we are not currently so doing.

I am just scratching the surface on this all. I have not even touched on several things: How certain technologies have caused us to lose many of our jobs; what is the result? The corporate masters get more rich, thereby oppressing us more. We have millions of people without jobs that otherwise would have. Multiply this with the abuse that corporations have done to the earth (and no, I am not an earth worshiper, but we are still responsible to be good stewards). Add to that, how that our health has deteriorated due to our lack of physical activity. 

We once were a strong people of courage and bravery, and were robust, tough and gritty. Now we are a bunch of pacified sissies who don't know how to fix anything, and don't know how to do anything. If the grid of electric and of "Just in Time" goods were to fail tomorrow, probably 90% or more of people would die because they have no clue how to live independent of it. 

Our DNA is being genetically altered by radio, internet, microwave, electric frequencies. The list can go on and on. I would keep going but I hope we all get the point now. I am Anti-Technology, and that for good reason. At least, according to this crazy blog writer, I am.

Swiss Kinist

Thursday, April 7, 2016

American Made French Press Review: The Portland Press

Our latest YouTube video is out, and this time it is (finally) a product review. I have always had the heart to want to review products and/or local businesses. I had meant to do so through this blog, but never got around to it.

If you know anything about me, you know that I push hard for buying from local, small businesses. I am anti-corporation, anti-technology (ironically, as I type on a computer and create YouTube videos), and pro-local community. The goal, eventually, is to separate from the grid system, as described in Michael Bunker's Surviving Off Off-Grid book, which is an excellent read. It will challenge the way you think about everything. It is not a "How to Do" book, but a "How to Think" book.

Anyhow, this review of is The Portland Press. We ran into it by the Providence of God; because all attempts to search for American Made French Presses failed, when our vintage, German-Made French Press had the glass break, and we were unable to get a replacement for it.

I did this review for free, and without any prompting from the company. My goal is to get people to stop buying from huge corporation, and buy from local and small businesses. I have a loose system of how I prioritize my spending:

1) Small Local Business
2) Small Business
3) Local Business
4) American Made
5) German Made
6) Made somewhere known for quality (for example, my Vintage Newsboy Hat, that you see on the Intro Video, was made in Scottland-- the one I have worn in the latest videos was made in the USA)
7) Everything else

Of course, price does sometimes come into play, and depending on what we are buying, small compromises have to be made. But these are my goals when I buy a product. When I go to a restaurant or something like that, I am looking for local, and I am looking at the kind of ingredients; does this business use local or organic food?

All that to say, enjoy the video review. If you have any questions, put it in the comments on a YouTube video, or on my Google Plus page.

Swiss Kinst