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Holiness Unto The LORD

What do you mean, "Dead Kinist"?

Glorifying Jesus in Attire

Driving Like One Who Belongs to Jesus Christ

The Early Church Was a Cult!

But... that is my PERSONAL Conviction

Gospel Tracts and Chick Tracts

But The Bible Does Not Say Women Cannot Wear Pants!!

Go and Sit Down in the Lowest Room

To Whom or What is Your First Loyalty? 

Christian Charity vs Cultural Marxism

True Sons of Abraham

Little Decisions Based on Biblical Principles

Going to the Beach

I love the hospitality of the Anabaptist

Defend Marriage-- Marriage Pledge: Rooted in Marxism and Bound for Failure

The Religious Culture of American Popular Sports

 Recovering from Injuries and McDurmon/Demar's American Vision

The Importance of Godly Music

Does God Work Outside The Box Of Scripture?

The Consequences of Not Taking Dominion (City Slickers)

Christ is Simply a Means to and End In the General Christian Pro-White Movement

Issue Oriented Christianity

Being a Godly Christian Friend Only in Tragedies

The Decline of Bob Evans and Regarding Chain Restaurants

Christ Must Have Preeminence in ALL THINGS/Christ Must be the Root Cause of All Advocacy

 YouTube Channel Created

American Made French Press Review: The Portland Press

What I Mean When I Say I Am Anti-Technology

Hans Gygax as Guest on True Sons of Abraham Podcast

Atheism, Defining Words, and Truth vs Science

YouTube: There is no Good or Evil with the Atheistic Worldview

YouTube: The Futility of Nationalism that is NOT Christ Centered

YouTube: Arguments Creationists Should Not Use: Ken Ham's insistence on Marrying Darwinism with Racism

YouTube: The Idolatry of Cleveland Cavaliers Fanatics and Worship of Lebron James

YouTube Video: Loving One Another Every Day with Genuine Christian Charity

Everybody's Got a Price

Upcoming Videos for Swiss Kinist YouTube Channel: August and September 2016

YouTube: Marxist Churchianity: Tolerant of Everything But Biblical Truth

You Tube: What Does It Mean To Love Your Neighbor? Genuine Christian Hospitality and Laying Down Your Life

Good Morning White America (GMWA) Christian Nationalist Radio Program and other Ideas

YouTube: Biblical Nationalist Principles In Every Decision: The Foundations (For Good Morning White America - GMWA)

YouTube: Homeschool Children Deprived of Childhood Without Santa

YouTube: Good Morning White America - How To Butcher Coturnix Quail

Moore Family Films Review (It Is Your Life: The Moody Family): Good Morning White America

Bible Studies, Sermons, YouTube, and GMWA

Life Is Busy! Updates And A New YouTube Video

YouTube: Beyond Off Grid

Motorola Has Committed Suicide under Lenovo