Monday, December 15, 2014

Holiness Unto The LORD

On my initial post, I want to dedicate this blog to the Lord Jesus Christ. I feel compelled by the Holy Ghost to start writing blog posts; mainly because I want to heed the commandment of "redeeming the time" (Ephesians 5:16). I sit here at a computer desk at work Monday through Friday, and most of the time in between tasks goes toward either reading articles, or listening to sermons, or even lectures from R.J. Rushdoony. The LORD has blessed me with a considerable amount of time to read, write, and listen; a pleasure that I did not possess a little bit more than a year ago.

The beginning of 2014 was a spiritual high for my family (I will tell you more about my family later-- maybe). But as the year went by, things began to grow stagnant. I believe this is because I had become like the dead sea; I was taking in, and taking in, and taking in, but not giving back out nearly as much as I was taking in. So this will be my attempt at giving back out. But it will be unto the LORD, and not men (Colossians 3:23).

I will not have time to make this a professional blog, full of references,and such like things, although you will probably see many scripture references. You will probably see some typos and so on. My goal is not "professionalism" here. This blog is going to be an opinion blog. Yet, not just opinions, but opinions with their root in the word of God. I enjoy hearing people (or reading the writings of people) just rant off their opinions, and so hopefully the LORD will see to it that a few will enjoy reading my Biblical rants. I leave the results entirely in the hands of the Holy Ghost, to do with as he pleases.

Earlier this year I resolved before God Almighty that I would simply seek to do his will and obey him, and leave the results up to him, without being frustrated by lack of outward results. I strayed from this concept mid-year 2014, and as a result, I began to struggle in other areas of life. I want to get back to delighting to do God's will (Psalm 40:8) and not worrying about results so much. Believing in the absolute sovereignty of God through Jesus Christ, I will write; and if he blesses it, so be it. If not, then praise the Lord anyhow.

This blog will be an absolute smorgasbord; probably more like a journal than a blog.

I have always hated reading long posts, so perhaps I will break this whole introduction thing into a few smaller posts. May Jesus Christ receive the reward of his sufferings.

Swiss Kinist


  1. I don't guess I'll repost all of my original comment but I appreciate your dedication and sincerity in your walk with God, Hans. I believe this is what it takes to make it and that this racialism or kinism I think you guys call it, may just be a distraction used by the enemy in order to bind us up in the cares of this life. When I came to the realities of race I was enthralled and my walk with God took a backseat. I'm still too focused on politics and such, knowing full well it's all a lie. It disgusts me just to listen to the radio and the Zionist indoctrination is so intense. Could you lay down the fundamentals of Anabaptist doctrine? I know strict adherence to the Word. That's how my church is. Is there anything else that would set your church apart from other denominations?

  2. Hey there Weston, I appreciate your encouragement. Kinism definitely has been USED as a distraction from full devotion to Jesus Christ. I would hesitate to say it is a distraction itself, any more than other issues of the Christian worldview are, such as issues on Sodomy, and Feminism.

    For example, I know a guy who has a blog and he rants against feminists, basing what he writes on God’s word. But in most areas of life, I find his Christianity lacking severely. The problem is not his belief, or even his strong stance against Feminism; his problem is that he has elevated certain issues to the level of godhood. And what does it matter if we are against feminism, or multi-culturalism, or Sodomy, if we ourselves are not in humble submission to God’s word in other areas of life? I am not saying that we have to be flawless entirely, but I have seen Kinists who condemn the satanic work of the Jew, all the while enjoying the Jew’s music industry, television shows, and Hollywood. Quite a contradiction. And many Reformed and/or Kinists, their women have the spirit of feminism. We must love God in all areas of our life.

    I would recommend two places if you want to know about the type of Anabaptist I am referring to: Click on “Confession of Faith”

    But in short, an Anabaptist is what you think of when you see the Amish or Mennonites. But there are many variations of Anabaptists which those two groups do not by any means speak for all of them. And many of the different Anabaptist groups do not see eye to eye on many issues.

    I am in agreement with the Amish on their life of simplicity and their work ethnic; also their desire to maintain their culture, their people, their language, and their way of life. Their stance has made local community last within their groups where it has failed in every other group in the country.

    I am in agreement with the general Anabaptist view of:

    1) The way we are to adorn ourselves;
    2) Live a humble, peaceable life, serving others
    3) Their practice of multiple elders, that are installed based on their BIBLICAL QUALIFICATIONS, not whether they went to Seminary and learned a bunch of head knowledge;
    4) Our call to be separate from the world;
    5) Other various things

    Although their lack of evangelism and lack of taking dominion for Christ is an obvious flaw, along with their doctrinal heresies such as nearly having a works salvation, believing in dispensationalism, and many other things such as non-resistance and their two-kingdom theology.

    I attend an Anabaptist church (About 1 ½ hours away) with my family once every two months or so, just to give my children the vision of what families ought to look like and how a church should operate (for the most part). But our local church is a Reformed Baptist Church, which I agree with doctrinally in most ways, but not entirely. Our members have large families and are godly in many ways, but have the spirit of the world in many ways that are unhealthy for solid Christian growth and practice.

    There is so much more to say on these subjects but I have probably already written too much. Is this helpful at all, or am I just way off on a rabbit trail? Do you have any detailed, specific questions?

  3. No, not way off at all. That must be rather difficult for you going to a baptist church with your strict adherence to scripture and your knowledge of the Jewish question. Your church may be entirely different from the baptist ones that I've attended though. Which tend to be hardcore zionists and once saved always saved. It very likely is different if you manage to stomach it. I've heard the baptists used to have a heavy dose of the real thing. Methodists too but I'm no expert. I think probably holiness just used to be an obvious standard prior to World War II or along in that era. Can you explain reformed for me? I think I understand the jist of kinism which I'm guessing not one of the 10,000 in this town has ever heard of, including me up until Tribal Theocrat. I'll be sure and read the link you posted here. Thank you for taking the time to tutor me a bit on these things. It's good for me. I'm an island here sometimes and I know that's dangerous spiritually. It's like blasphemy around here to be anti Israel. A sincere Christian who sees the world for what it is is like a breath of fresh air. God bless.

  4. Fortunately the church we attend is not anything like the typical fundamental Baptist churches. Our church is not pro-Israel at all, and in fact, believes that physical Israel has no significance at all; the church is Israel. Some of our members are even a little bit awake on the whole Jewish issue, so I was pleasantly surprised about that.

    You might look here if you want a more full definition of Reformed:

    But in a nutshell, it is a system of doctrine primarily based on the Westminster Confession of Faith and/or the London Baptist Confession (which is what our church holds to). The teachings of Luther, Calvin, etc. are highly regarded. It is a system that detests the dispensationalism that the modern church believes. A key element is that we believe the law is still to be obeyed, apart from those things which were mere shadows of Christ's sacrifice.

    Our Pastor says if you want to know what a Reformed Baptist is, they are what Baptists used to be, so you could be correct on your assessment of Baptists and how they used to be. Today's Baptists are dispensational, following the anti-Christ teachings of C.I. Scofield.

    I know what it is like being alone though; yes, it is not good spiritually. Even though I am not 100 % happy in the church I am at, it has been good for our family overall.

  5. See, that shocks me to hear that some churches still don't buy into all the new Israel garbage. Mine doesn't really but it's just something we don't discuss. Not so much that we denounce it. I'm afraid if the issue was raised everyone would be in full support. I've been labeled a Nazi by my wife's uncle because I expressed some feelings I had about "the good war" which was the most abhorrent thing that's ever happened to mankind on that scale as far as I'm aware of. How this could be labeled good is abominable to me. Anyways, he's a hardcore Zionist, said once in jest that he should have a Star of David tattooed on his back. He was raised up on national review and mainstream conservatism and still has faith in these things. Even when Israel is blowing up children he will back them. I have to go to church with this man and love him so I no longer talk about these things because I get too hot and it creates tension while in service and I don't want our differences to hinder the move of God. Good to know that the entire country hasn't been infiltrated with Zionist propaganda!! Especially that not all churches are. They spit on Christians for heaven's sake!! My lord, the Talmud is so satanic and yet they tell Christians how to think! Clement Pulaski has a great article on that subject at He helped me a lot in my initial hesitation to hostile feelings towards these antichrists. He recently put together a book as well.

  6. Yeah Clement is a blessing. I have interacted with him a little bit in email and have read some of his writings. Thanks for putting his website up here.

    Yes, it is a good start that a few churches are beginning to reject Zionism. But we have a long, long way to go.