Monday, January 19, 2015

But The Bible Does Not Say Women Cannot Wear Pants!!

A long time ago, far, far away, there once was a time when Christian thought and practice dominated a good part of the world. White Christian Europe, imperfect as it was, was a vast area of land that brought glory to the Lord Jesus in many ways. If you can flush out all the lies and extreme over-exaggerations that the Marxists taught you through the public schools, the media, and the 20th/21st century church, you would view old Christian Europe in awe; of the beauty of the holiness of the LORD it displayed for many years.

One of the ways in which the church in Europe glorified the Lord Jesus was in their attire. We have already spoken in a previous article about certain principles of dress for Christians. I want to expand upon that in more detail, because you will frequently hear women (and men) make the objection that the Bible does not say a woman cannot wear pants. I want to point out that while this might technically be true by the letter of the law, it is not true in the spirit of the law. You see, I frequently am told that I am "under the law" and "legalistic", and that I am a "Pharisee" because I care about outward standards of godliness. However, think about what exactly the Pharisees did that was so abhorrent to Jesus:

Spirit of the Law vs. Letter of the Law

Jesus always got to the heart of the issue. A Pharisee may have prided himself in technically obeying the law; but he did not keep the spirit of the law. Perhaps he did not murder his brother, but he murdered him in his heart with his hatred and unforgiveness (Matthew 5:22). He might also have thought he was okay because he did not physically commit adultery, however, he did so in his heart (Matthew 5:28). The same holds true in the area of a woman's attire. Yes,  you are not "breaking the law", perhaps (although it is more arguable than I am letting off right now- for the sake of argument). But you are committing a whole slew of spiritual violations of that which is becoming of a Christian woman.

As I taught my children the other day in family devotions: There are two types of obedient Christians in the world today. I am not including those who are Christian in name only:

1) Those who live by the letter of the law: They try very hard to make sure they are not breaking any of God's commandments. They do not necessary live a life of sin. But the spirit of their life is this: I am going to do my own will, and whatever lawful activities that will please my flesh. As long as I keep myself from breaking a specific command, I will do as I please and live a happy, comfortable life.

2) Those who live by the spirit of the law. They do not live to please themselves. "I can of mine own self do nothing... because I seek not mine own will, but the will of the Father which hath sent me." (John 5:30) -- meaning, I do not just act and make decisions based on what I want. I seek to do what the Father is telling me to do, and seek to do what pleases him the most. He is looking to do what pleases God most, and what glorifies God most, not to just avoid committing a great sin.

Apply this principle to the area of women's dress. Do you really believe it most honors God for a woman to wear that which has only pertained unto a man (until society became practically entirely corrupt by the spirit of the world, and the influence of Satan)? Is the reason you are wearing pants, woman, because you want your life to give the most glory to God, as much as possible? Or are you wearing them to be comfortable, or because you have so-called "liberty"?

Using Your Liberty for an Occasion to the Flesh

"For, brethren, ye have been called unto liberty; only use not liberty for an occasion to the flesh, but by love serve one another." -- Galatians 5:13

There is more than one way to use your liberty for an occasion to the flesh. You can use liberty to please your own flesh, yes; however, you can also use your liberty for an occasion to your brother in Christ's flesh. And thereby you have created a stumblingblock.

"But take heed lest by any means this liberty of yours become a stumblingblock to them that are weak." -- 1Corinthians 8:9

"...but judge this rather, that no man put a stumblingblock or an occasion to fall in his brother's way." -- Romans 14:13

I always hear people who are defending women wearing pants, say things like this:

"I know of many women who wear pants that are much more modest and less revealing that a lot of women who wear skirts and dresses only".

And.... what is your point? That is like saying, "I know a lot of Atheists that are better people than a lot of Christians", to prove that Atheism is morally superior to Christianity.

I would make a case that it does not matter what kind of pants you wear, you are going to be in violation of the spirit of the scriptures. Never mind that almost every time a woman defends herself wearing pants, she is wearing pants that reveal her shape. It is almost not possible for a woman to wear pants that do not reveal shape; the ones that do not reveal her shape are not feminine, therefore in violation of Deuteronomy 22:5. It is almost as ridiculous as those who argue that long hair is the head covering spoken about in 1Corinthians 11; many of those who argue that position, their women do not even have long hair! But I digress.

Clothing and Attitude or Behavior

The way you dress affects your own attitude and behavior. It also affects other people's attitude and behavior toward you. This is a fact. That is why men dress up a certain way when they have a job interview. Your clothing is a mirror of your heart's desires; how you want people to view you. And people do view and judge you (and they usually judge correctly) based on your clothing choices. I do not believe I need to prove this. The children of this world understand this truth all too well.

When a woman wears a dress or skirt (one that is not revealing, but rather shows forth shamefacedness, meekness, etc., as the Bible commands) she is viewed differently by the public. My wife takes careful note at the respect and honor she receives from men when she has to go out in public to shop. She dresses like a lady and therefore is treated like one.

It is also true that when a woman dresses like a lady, she feels like a lady, and therefore, behaves like a lady. We have seen the vast difference in attitude with some former Amish that we know: Upon believing the gospel and being saved, they came out of the Amish. Afterward they did not dress all too that much different. The church we belonged to held up a similar standard as the Amish do, except, without the extreme immodesty that the Amish possess in going overboard in plainness.

But then, after the church dissolved, they came across the teachings of a man who preached against the law, and against outward standards. He told them that all that mattered was their heart. After a few years under such doctrine, the women have bleached blond shorn hair, tons of make up, jeans, etc. And even though it may not have affected their character immediately, the change in their attitude today is obvious. They are completely in love with the world and all its desires (1John 2:15-17). And you can see, as always, that the devil's doctrine of "the only thing that matters if the heart" leads to compromised outward standards, which in turn lead to a corrupt heart; all the while, even though the heart is changed to wickedness, these "Christians" continue in the mantra that "only the heart matters", so "don't judge me".

Women who dress like men, act like men. The women you see wearing pants, they are typically the ones you see who are not submissive to their husband. They do not have a meek and quiet spirit. They do not adorn themselves with shamefacedness and sobriety. I frequently talk to husbands, who tell me how much they want their wives to dress like my wife does. And they lament that they have tried to get their wives to do so, but their wives are unwilling. The unsubmissive character of these women goes hand in hand with their ungodly attire.

Women are absolutely effected in their attitude and behavior negatively because of wearing pants; but most of them do not even realize that an outward decision can have such an effect on their attitude. It happens without them having to even think about it. This is a universal principle; your clothing choices will change you for the good or the bad. Those who deny it are akin to those who deny that their music and entertainment choices effect their behavior and way of thinking. It does effect you, and that is a fact.


Saying that women are permitted to wear pants publicly just because the Bible does not explicitly spell it out, is a ridiculous way to view practical application of scripture. The entire way of thinking is a logical fallacy. It is almost the same as saying, "There is no Trinity because the Bible does not use the word Trinity." Every doctrine or principle in the Bible is not always spelled out plainly in front of your face. In fact, many important doctrines are not. That is why there are so many false versions of Christianity, and so many ungodly and unbiblical doctrines that prevail; it is precisely because God hides the important truths of his word from those who seek their own glory and those who seek to live for their own pleasures. They have the spirit of self-gratification, and their doctrine follows. So it is in the area of women's attire.

And just as we spoke in the previous article (on attire) of the man who wears the fancy suite and tie, and how we know he is not doing that to glorify God, similarly we know that the woman who chooses to put on pants instead of a long skirt or dress, she does it not with the motivation of "I want to glorify God". She does it because that is what pleases self. And we know that you do not have to do some horrendously wicked sin to be disobedient to the spirit of the gospel of Jesus Christ. You simply have to live a life of doing what pleases self (rather than living to die-- to deny self). And I hope that you have the Christian maturity and experience to understand that I am making a general principle statement, and not speaking on behalf of rare exceptions. The possibility of an exception does not establish the exception as the rule. But we live in an age where every person thinks they are the exception to every rule.

Let's draw to a conclusion. We know that:

1) Simply wearing a long dress or skirt does not make a woman automatically pleasing in the sight of the LORD.  That is obvious and should not even need to be said. But....

2) A woman cannot wear pants without sacrificing modesty. But...

3) If somehow she can, it means that she is dressing in a way that makes her look like a man (or unfeminine), which also violates the Holy Scriptures. That And...

4) Women both view themselves and are viewed by others differently based on whether they dress like a Christian lady, or whether they wear pants.

5) Women's attire follows precisely with the spirit of the age. The more society departed from the word of God, the more women adorned themselves in a way to please self and draw attention to themselves. Women turning to pants (after previous generations of women sinned in attire in other ways) corresponds directly with their rebellion in leaving the home, becoming independent, and despising the word of God. This is no coincidence that they occur at the same time.

This does not even consider what should be obvious; that a woman should not wear a single layered garment (especially on her top) that reveals her shape. And please remember what we discussed in the previous similar topic, Glorifying Jesus in Attire; we should not be making any decision to draw attention to ourselves rather than to Christ. Let the church repent of sin and lukewarmness, and let us see the Lord Jesus Christ glorified in the midst of us once again.

Swiss Kinist