Monday, March 23, 2015

Inconstistent and Hypocritical Discrimination of Marxist America

To my few readers of this blog, I just wanted to drop a quick note before I get into this post: I have not forgotten about my series on Little Decisions Based on Biblical Principles. I simply have not had the time to edit, analyze, and/or write on that topic because it requires more attention and time than do my random thoughts of conviction (which are off the cuff from the top of my head). I do have most of the 1st and 2nd articles of the series either nearly finished or half-way finished.

Random Thought of Conviction

The other day my wife received a life insurance offer from All State, in the mail. Being that I have been learning to hyper-analyze just about every detail of life, to see whether it matches up with the word of God, something very interesting stood out to me. I constantly notice the inconsistencies of man, including in myself. When I see them in myself, I want to change immediately, regardless of the cost (This habit is something that church-goers do not like, particularly the "do not judge" crowd).



You can see from the above picture I scanned (though the quality is not great) that it costs more for life insurance, per month, based on what your gender and age are. The insurance company puts a difference between male and female, and between young and old. This is the definition of that dreaded word... (dun dun dun) discrimination.

From Webster's 1828 Dictionary

1. To distinguish; to observe the difference between...
2. .... to make a distinction between...
3. To mark with notes of difference; to distinguish by some note or mark...

So on and so forth. To discriminate is to mark, note, practice, observe, etc. a difference between. Is discrimination wrong? According to Marxist Americans, it is. Mention discrimination at all, and you will hear passionate and angered comments against it. This is especially true if concerning discrimination based on race, religion, or gender. And this is starting to including "sexual orientation". And worry not, the Christians will come around on the issue of Sodomy before long, just as they have with the other tenets of Marxism (a lot of them already have).

Here above, with insurance, we have a clear case of discrimination based on gender and age. Americans do not mind this fact, however. One of the reasons is, that nobody uses the word discrimination when speaking about life insurance. We have been trained to only use the word discrimination when it has a negative connotation (and when it favors non-whites, women, non-Christians, and Sodomites). In this case, it would be positive, so it is not used (and because it favors women). I am going to assume here, for the sake of argument, that this type of discrimination is based on logical, sound reasoning. Perhaps because women are less likely to die early than are men. In this case, I favor discrimination and almost nobody objects to this type of discrimination.

Why does practically nobody object to discrimination based on gender for life insurance? Certainly if a company discriminated for a job hiring based on gender, people would protest it in a heartbeat. In fact, as you know, discrimination based on things like gender, age, race, religion, etc. are illegal in many cases. And the American Christian has no objection to this violation of free association.

Could An Insurance Company Ever Discriminate in Prices Based on Race?

Let us suppose something for the sake of argument. Let us suppose that a Negro is much more likely to die young than a White Man. And suppose that All State, using the same logic for its discrimination against men (giving men a higher rate to pay), had a chart that said, "Male Negroes $17.75 per month, Female Negroes $16.89 per month, Male Whites $16.01 per month, Female Whites $15.53 per month... or whatever, you get the point. How long do you think such a policy would exist for All State? It would not have a chance! Why? It is based on the same logic as is used to discriminate now, based on gender. The reason it would not be allowed to discriminate is because Marxist dogma does not permit it.

And of course, we cannot forget, that discrimination is only truly evil if it is perpetrated against a "minority" or a woman, or a non-Christian religion, or a Sodomite. There is no such things as discrimination (or racism, sexism, etc.) against Whites, Men, Christians, or those who are not Sodomites. This is a clear indicator that Marxists are doing the bidding of their father, the devil. And the American Christian has no problem partaking of their evil deeds by bidding them God speed (2John 1:9-11).

Thus you can see the hypocritical policies, and the hypocritical and inconsistent ways of thinking in the modern American, including the modern Christian. His true god is Marxism, not Jesus Christ. He does not value truth and justice above all things, he values "equality and fairness", things that the Bible knows nothing of promoting. Examine yourself, dear reader, as to whom you are really serving.

Swiss Kinist