Saturday, April 18, 2015

"Beyond Off Grid" Christian Film

I have not spoken about it much on this blog yet, but I differ from most Kinists and most American Christians on the topic of lifestyle and occupation. I was first exposed to the subject of Agrarianism by Scott Terry of North Country Farmer, who is Reformed and Theonomic, from what I understand. He has been a huge blessing to my family, and even has a radio show on Blog Talk Radio which my family has enjoyed.

From Scott Terry, I was introduced to Michael Bunker, and was heavily influenced by his book called Surviving Off-Off Grid. It is amazing, as Bunker notes, and also as Howard King speaks about, that throughout history, God's people have been Agrarian. The city life is almost exclusively viewed as sinful in the scriptures, history also bearing witness. City life vs. Agrarian life not only marks differences in the character of each type of folk, but also, both are the result or accumulation of either godliness or rebellion against God. I am speaking in general here, of course, so all the people who demand an exception, please sit down.

God not only designed people to live in nations, tribes, clans, etc. based on blood, religion, language, etc., but he also designed people to live in local communities. What we have today is an absolute abomination to the LORD. And when it comes down to it, it is an abomination to man also; because the results of how we do things today has bred corruption and slavery. As I have stated before, do not blame and curse the Jew for his mastery over you, nor cry about the Negro because of his violence toward you. We have brought this upon ourselves and God's just judgment has come down upon us for our disobedience; the Jew and the Negro simply as instruments of God's wrath toward us.

As much as you may protest, the Village vs. the City topic is not some optional choice in the area of our Christianity. The choice is really between life and death, and freedom and slavery, both physically and spiritually.

I am a disciple of Jesus Christ first. But I am an Agrarian (in philosophy and doctrine-- even though it is not a physical reality completely yet) second. I am an Agrarian before I am a Kinist. This issue is more important than Kinism, as important as Kinism is. I have a strong belief that if we fix the problem in the area of building local Christian communities, that the issue of race will practically solve itself automatically. Multiculturalism and Cultural Marxism work best in Industrial societies. Meditate on that though a little bit and you will see I am correct. You will nary defeat the wicked enemies of ours without Agrarianism any more than you will defeat it apart from the power of the Holy Ghost through the Lord Jesus Christ (for all of who think we can join with Christ-hating White Nationalists). This is because you cannot fight the LORD's cause while embracing a system and lifestyle that are contrary to his desire and creative order.

There is a film that is in the making (they have filmed it all, but it is not finished editing) that will deal a key blow to the gates of hell, Beyond Off Grid. The devil has clearly been fighting hard against the completion of this film. Many obstacles have come to prevent its completion. Please be steadfast in prayer regarding this film, and give financially if you are able to. Here is the description and the trailer:


About Beyond Off Grid

Beyond Off Grid is a documentary film and media project that explores why we should strive to reduce our dependence on the modern economy and control grid, and how this can be accomplished.

The modern consumer economy and associated way of living, with all of its conveniences and comforts, is not resilient to calamity, and often distracts from true spiritual blessings. True freedom is found by seeking the old paths of productive households and local community interdependence.

By exposing the weaknesses of the modern culture, financial and economic systems, and essential life support systems, and bringing to light the solutions that are available by learning from the past and wisely applying technology, this film seeks to inspire people to a greater degree of self sufficiency and local community interdependence while trusting in God.

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