Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Recovering from Injuries and McDurmon/Demar's American Vision

It has been a while since I posted, but I have a valid excuse. I have been injured. I guess that is not the only reason. It is difficult to keep up a blog while only doing it from work. I first broke my pinky toe on my right foot and couldn't walk much. Right, I agree, that has nothing to do with typing. But shortly after, because I was sitting at work instead of standing (because of the toe) I developed what I discovered to be Cubital Tunnel Syndrome, or some kind of problem with the Ulnar nerve  (due to the positioning of my keyboard while sitting). So what had happened is that my pinky went numb, along with half of the ring finger. It was pretty bad, and it is still not fully recovered yet.

It has not been too fun to deal with, but I guess at least it happened on my left hand instead of my right. It was so bad, that at one point, I considered doing the unthinkable; going to one of the most hated on Hans Gygax's list of people groups; a doctor. I even considered asking them to give me a steroid shot for the inflammation. But their ridiculous practices and prices annoyed me enough before I even set up an appointment. I thought perhaps the chiropractor might be able to help, but he was going on vacation the very day that we called. Over the past couple of weeks the inflammation and numbness has subsided quite a bit. I suppose I can be thankful to the Lord Jesus that I did not have to spend a bunch of money going to the doctor. But I will not feel rested until I am completely recovered and back to normal.

On current happenings, two good articles have recently been written on the subject of the Confederate Flag/Negro shooting episode in Charleston. I personally believe the event was staged in some way, as other recent false flags have been, such as the Sandy Hook Hoax and 911.

In response to Joel McDurmon, Mickey Henry on Tribal Theocrat wrote a most excellent piece.

David Carlton at Faith and Heritage wrote a good one also.

It is obvious to me now, more than ever, that American Vision is completely sold out to the enemy, all so that Demar and McDurmon can make a living off the donations of gullible, PC Marxist Christians. What a shame that this is the modern fruit of R.J. Rushdoony. But my thought is, as much as Rushdoony was very courageous for his time and is often criticized as being an evil racist, his slight compromise in that area has borne much fruit of the same, only multiplied. It is a good reminder that any of our "small" compromises, will always end up destroying us in a very big way. Do not compromise any truth, even just a little bit.

On another note, I see that some of our Kinist friends out west have started a Kinist-friendly assembly. This I mainly view as positive. Praise God that they are not just trying to fit in at the typical Reformed churches. But it is, I will say, unfortunate that they have chosen to follow the failed Reformed model of Church leadership, instead of the vastly supervisor Anabaptist method, where leaders are raised up from the congregation, not from Seminary; where there are multiple leaders/teachers/elders, and every man is capable of leading. Where practical Christianity is taught instead of a bunch of head knowledge. I will have to write on that subject more later. I don't want to get carried away with that in this post.

My hand is started to bother me already from this short post. Stay strong in Christ, my brethren, and have no others gods than the LORD Jesus Christ.

Swiss Kinist



  1. Thank you for your kind words, Swiss Kinist! I'm sorry to hear about your injuries, brother. I pray that you heal quickly and completely.

    1. Thank you for your well-wishes, brother Mickey. May the Lord Jesus show his power through your family!