Saturday, May 14, 2016

YouTube: There is no Good or Evil with the Atheistic Worldview

Atheists are a fickle people. In reality, they are the most dishonest white folks you will ever meet (and most of them are white, from what I have observed). The reason they are dishonest, is so they can be their own god. Yet not a single Atheist I have met is consistent with the doctrines of his worldview. And yes, I am aware, the Atheist will try to play word games and lie, saying that Atheism has no worldview, no dogma, etc. But this is utter nonsense and deception.

Every religion has a worldview. And yes, Atheism is a religion. They will lie until they are blue in the face, denying that Atheism is religious. They will argue and say that Atheism is simply a "non-belief". But does someone with a non-belief:

1) Identify his entire person based on a non-belief?

I don't believe in Aliens (the fictitious kind that come in space ships, etc.), but my Twitter name is not "AlienDenier".

2) Gang up together with others of their "non-belief" to form groups, gang-troll YouTube/Twitter Channels/Accounts. Atheists are relentless in grouping together and attacking, trolling, etc. Christians, particularly those who believe in the Biblical Creation Account.

Yes, Atheists have even go so far as to create their own churches in some situations (look it up, it's true). I would say those kind of Atheists are closer to being honest about the religiosity of their worldview.

The Atheist would argue that he is trying to stop "the evil" of Christianity and/or religion. Yet the very existence of good and evil is established by the Christian worldview. If there is no God, then there is no such thing as good or evil. Things simply just are. Because in order to have absolute good or evil, there must be absolute truth.Without an absolute law-giver, then it's just every man does what is right in his own eyes. So good and evil are defined by man. And man never has a consistent, unchanging opinion.

The Atheist's answer is that whatever society decides is what is good or evil. But he cannot account for the fact that societies have in the past, and will in the future, condone and condemn that same behaviors: For example, even societies that are not Biblical have forbidden Sodomy. Yet America of present condones it. Who is to say which society is right? Is Sodomy good or evil? If it depends on the societal opinion, then you have a clear problem.

The same holds true for the subject of pedophilia. Is it good or evil, in of itself? To the Atheist, it cannot be either good or evil. In present society it is condemned as evil. But that matters little. Only a few decades ago Sodomy was clearly regarded as evil, even among non-Christians. This clearly demonstrates that once society accepts pedophilia as good, Atheists will join right along and condemn those "bigots" who dare speak against it, though they presently speak against it.

Yes, Atheists are hypocrites and they must borrow from the Christian worldview to even assert anything is good or evil. I would take them a lot more serious if they were consistent with what they say they believe; But they want to mix certain aspects of Christ's teachings with their anti-Christ religion. And they are, in fact anti-Christ, in addition to being extremely religious. The difference is, instead of worshiping Christ, who is worthy, they worship self. They won't turn to Christ, not because of lack of evidence of some sort, but because they love their sin and want to rule their own lives. I don't waste my time arguing with them, in most cases.

Enjoy the Video. In a couple of weeks, I will post my 2nd recording, in which I speak against those Atheists that identify as White Advocates.