Monday, June 13, 2016

YouTube: Arguments Creationists Should Not Use: Ken Ham's Insistence on Marrying Darwinism with Racism

This week we were a little bit late posting our video. Typically we try for every other Saturday, but traveling for work to New Jersey for an entire week threw things off a little bit. I actually have a review planned for the hotel that I stayed in, and the overall experience in New Jersey that I had. It is all going to happen, mainly because the review I left for the hotel was rejected for approval to post, because it was not a favorable review. That calls for the hotel chain being called out on both my blog and YouTube. They'll be sorry they ever rejected my review. I have 19 YouTube subscribers! Ha!

Anyhow, the video below concerns Ken Ham and his unbiblical and cowardly view regarding race. "There is only one race, the human race" is the mantra Ham subscribes to. This is equivalent to say, "there is only one breed of dogs, 'the dog breed'". Obviously we have many different varieties of each kind. Mankind also has variation. What utter dishonesty you have to stoop to, in order to make foolish statements asserting that the only difference between a White European and a Negro is the color of his skin.

Of course, I believe, as well as David Carlton in his article on Faith and Heritage, that Ham takes his position on race in order to try to score political/societal points. He wants people to believe in Creationism, so he desperately seeks to assure people that Creationism does not violate the Marxist principle of Diversity and Antiracism. As Carlton perfectly states:

Today, it’s fashionable to make the abstract concept of “racism” into the worst of evils and to demonize any basis for white identity which runs contrary to the cosmopolitan spirit of the age. Ken Ham knows this implicitly. Hence he guilts his intellectual opponents into agreement by teaching that those who reject his views are evolutionists and hence “racists” and Nazis. Ham’s hope is that the guilt and social pressure accompanying the “racist” label will suffice to silence those who disagree with him, convincing them to renounce their evolutionary views and embrace creationism.

My wife and I argue that not only is Ken Ham's stance unbiblical, but it is harmful to the Christian message, and to the creation message. What Ham and others like him are doing, is showing contempt for the word of God, to gain approval from the world, thus making himself an enemy of God in a sense (James 4:4).

Ham makes a big deal out of trusting the word of God at all costs, rather than infallible man. Yet in the area of race, he caves into the social pressure and ascribes to humanist doctrine, against the word of God. This is typical for 21st century Christians, however. They are cowards, and afraid to stand up for the truths of God's word.

I for one, refuse to participate in the denial. The Bible does not condemn slavery, and our Christian forefathers defended the practices of slavery and racialism with the scriptures. Holy men of God like R.L. Dabney was a champion in this regard. He presupposed the Bible as the truth, not the culture around him. Ken Ham does this well in the area of Creation vs. Evolution, but refuses to presuppose the Bible as truth regarding racial issues.

As stated in a previous video, we as Christians are commanded to love and obey the truth at all costs. It is time for a public rebuke to the cowards in leadership in American Christianity, starting with it's most blatant example, Ken Ham and his ministry Answers in Genesis.

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