Tuesday, March 1, 2016

YouTube Channel Created

So to my 3 readers, I have started a YouTube channel that I hope will be a lot more balanced and frequent than my blog has been. It is just a whole lot easier to talk, than to write an article. My videos are going to mainly be off the cuff thoughts, similar to my Random Thoughts of Conviction. But there will be, God willing, other types of videos. The 2nd video I recorded, which is not yet posted, is a longer video, and concerns the Trump Phenomenon, and is based on the articles written by a Pastor in Michigan on at Iron Ink.

I also want to make my channel a Video Blog/Podcast. I plan to have guests, where we talk about current issues. Overall, as with this blog, my concern is not to attract as many people as possible, to be popular, to be liked, or any such thing. My goal and aim is to glorify Jesus Christ and represent him the best that I can, regardless of the consequences.