Saturday, March 26, 2016

Swiss Kinist YouTube #2 Donald Trump is Controlled Opposition

YouTube Video Concerning Donald Trump

Our next video is up and loaded to YouTube: Donald Trump is Controlled Opposition. Unfortunately, there seem to be very few Kinists and/or folks on the alternate right who are not falling down at the feet of Donald Trump.

The video highlights some of, although not even close to all of the reasons why neither I nor Bret McAtee, support Donald Trump. In addition to what I mention, I want to key in on an important point in all this: Kinists have been known to chide anyone who has supported politicians, over the years.


When Gary Demar of American Vision came out in support of John McCain, 8 years ago, citing the doctrine of the lesser of two evils, Kinists were all over him. Demar argued that it was a waste to vote 3rd party, and that you should vote for John McCain, so that you could stop the election of Marxist Barack Hussein Obama.

I remember at the time, I tended to agree with Demar. I think I actually did vote for John McCain; from the perspective that he would do less damage to our liberties, and more potential good, than Obama would. So yes, McCain is a screwed up guy, but he isn't an ultra Marxist like Obama. So vote for McCain, right? No, not according to Kinists or the alternate right.

Fast Forward

Yet fast forward 8 years, and we have Kinists and their non-Christian companions falling all over Trump, praising him, defending him with vigor, and speaking as if he were the next Adolph Hitler (in a good way), even though none of what he believes, says, or has done in the past would give credence to this kind of faith in Trump.

Trump was already pretty bad, and guys like Nathanael Strickland of Faith and Heritage readily admitted Trump's many problems. But... it was always followed up by the belief that Trump has a chance to do something good that the previous politicians never have done. Now, more and more things come out to show he is truly not on our side. Take 25-30 minutes of your life to listen/watch Trump literally worship Israel and the "Jewish State" in his speech for AIPAC. 

What will the next excuse for Trump be? Anti-Jewishness is one of the hallmarks of Kinism. We see clearly that Jewish elites are a cancer in society, and the Jewish people as a whole (although not every single Jew) are anti-white, anti-Christ, and enemies of everything we believe in. Yet, despite Trump's commitment to "The Jewish State", no one in our movement will yet humble themselves to abandon their faith in Donald Trump.

So what is the anticipated response I am expecting? Well, something like Gary Demar's lesser of two evils justification: He is not as bad as the other guys. Then we have to ask ourselves: okay, why not vote for someone like Ted Cruz, if I believe maybe he is not as bad as Trump? After all, he has a better pro-gun record than Trump does, and holds a lot of our liberties very highly, as demonstrated by his voting record.

The Solution

The solution is to go back to how we started; withdrawal from any hope in the political process. Donald Trump is not an exception to the rule. He is simply a better thought-out, more deceptive version of the false choice the Jewish elite are giving us. He is controlled opposition.

All the hype about Donald Trump being good for Kinists, White Advocates, the Alternate Right, or any such group, is all false-hype and Parrotted (pun intended) lies, that have been repeated so often, that these groups actually think that Trump intends on helping us, and actually cares about us. He won't, and he doesn't.

If it wasn't so grieving, it would be comedy to see all the Twitter posts that alternate right folks make about Trump. Here is comedic example of how a dialogue might work, based on what I see on Twitter:

Alternate Right: Trump is going to do this, and that, and that, and this!! Yeah!!

Me: But wait, Trump never even said he was promising that. Besides, even if he was, since when do politicians keep their promises?

Alternate Right: Well, I just believe (faith) that he will! Yeah! Vote for Trump or you are a Cuck!!!

Okay, A Practical Solution
The only solution, as stated previously in other articles, and in the video, is to turn to the Lord Jesus Christ. We need to build godly communities, and separate ourselves from the system, a little at a time. We need to build an alternate community; not online, but in real life.

You would be much better off backing a project like Beyond Off Grid, which has receive far less of support than it deserves. I mentioned it previously here. Such a project will do 1000 times more for the white race, and for Christianity, than supporting a political candidate ever will. It is time for us to repent of our inaction in the important things, and our action in vain and futile efforts.

Swiss Kinist