Friday, April 29, 2016

Hans Gygax as Guest on True Sons of Abraham Podcast

April 9th, I was a guest on Clement Pulaski's True Sons of Abraham, podcast. We discussed Donald Trump and a few other similar topics, from the Christian Nationalist, Christ-centered worldview. On the YouTube video below, I give a short video introduction to tell a little bit more about Clement and the important work that he is doing on his website. Clement has also recorded several other off the cuff podcasts since our shared podcast. You can access his full list of podcasts here, but I also encourage you to view his articles and his online books as well.

Unfortunately, due to my family's busy schedule, it took me a little while to get this posted. I do plan on recording another couple of videos this weekend, God-willing. They will probably be short in nature, but to the point:

1) A message regarding White Advocates who profess Christianity

2) A message regarding White Advocates who are Anti-Christ

After these, I have a vision to perhaps record another product review video or two. Over time, you should be able to see the kind of products we buy, and why. And maybe I can convince a few of you to put a little more thinking and prayer into the purchases you make and the other "little" decisions of life.

Comments and suggestions welcome!