Thursday, April 7, 2016

American Made French Press Review: The Portland Press

Our latest YouTube video is out, and this time it is (finally) a product review. I have always had the heart to want to review products and/or local businesses. I had meant to do so through this blog, but never got around to it.

If you know anything about me, you know that I push hard for buying from local, small businesses. I am anti-corporation, anti-technology (ironically, as I type on a computer and create YouTube videos), and pro-local community. The goal, eventually, is to separate from the grid system, as described in Michael Bunker's Surviving Off Off-Grid book, which is an excellent read. It will challenge the way you think about everything. It is not a "How to Do" book, but a "How to Think" book.

Anyhow, this review of is The Portland Press. We ran into it by the Providence of God; because all attempts to search for American Made French Presses failed, when our vintage, German-Made French Press had the glass break, and we were unable to get a replacement for it.

I did this review for free, and without any prompting from the company. My goal is to get people to stop buying from huge corporation, and buy from local and small businesses. I have a loose system of how I prioritize my spending:

1) Small Local Business
2) Small Business
3) Local Business
4) American Made
5) German Made
6) Made somewhere known for quality (for example, my Vintage Newsboy Hat, that you see on the Intro Video, was made in Scottland-- the one I have worn in the latest videos was made in the USA)
7) Everything else

Of course, price does sometimes come into play, and depending on what we are buying, small compromises have to be made. But these are my goals when I buy a product. When I go to a restaurant or something like that, I am looking for local, and I am looking at the kind of ingredients; does this business use local or organic food?

All that to say, enjoy the video review. If you have any questions, put it in the comments on a YouTube video, or on my Google Plus page.

Swiss Kinst