Thursday, February 26, 2015

Should a Christian Go to the Beach?

Random Thought of Conviction 

My original thoughts and intentions about this blog was that I was going to write short posts. I know I have mentioned that before. But the writer in me (I have always loved writing, since my youth, and my oldest daughter has the same trait) always seem to want to write a long post. But today it occurred to me that I need to begin a trend in my blog of just writing random thoughts of conviction without having to tie it in to a broader topic or make it very elaborate. So here is my first real attempt at it. Here we go.

I mentioned in a previous blog post the Duggars and their "personal conviction" nonsense. But if you have read my writings, you will understand that Christian principles are universal in most cases. They may manifest themselves a little bit differently here and there, but the general principles stand. I even read today on a humanist blog/website, the blogger calling out the Duggars for being hypocrites because they say they do not judge others and that it is just their conviction, etc. Now, I absolutely disagree with just about everything this humanist wrote, but it is telling that the world does not buy into the Duggars' PC double-speak. Just as you cannot PC double-speak your way out of being called a racist, you cannot do so to avoid the criticisms of the ungodly; you might as well stand up for the whole truth without compromise and stop being ashamed of Jesus Christ and his words (Mark 8:38).

Holding back my urge to go into great detail (I might go into more detail in the future, perhaps), I will just say that there is not really a way that a true Christian can go to the typical public beach, or on the typical cruise, and not be totally grieved and want to leave the place. It is unbelievable the things that Christians will do to compromise obedience to the word of God. No, the Bible does not say "Thou shalt not go to the beach". But it contains various commands and principles such as:

"I will set no wicked thing before mine eyes: I hate the work of them that turn aside; it shall not cleave to me." -- Psalm 101:3  (This also can apply to television and movies)


"Flee fornication..." -- 1Corinthians 6:18 (Yes, run away from the vile filth of whorish people who are at the beach)

Christians in America are entirely inconsistent with what they believe/practice. This is because they do not live by the word of God, but by what makes them feel comfortable; that and they do not want to be an outcast in the church and/or society. They do not want to be legalistic or a Pharisee.

When I think about all the lame arguments defending a Christian's right to go to the beach, I think of the same rhetoric that the ungodly use, such as in the article I referenced above:

"The Duggars are denying their children their only opportunity to see real bodies"

The Christian argument is similar to that, but typically you will hear them argue about how if you shield them from seeing/hearing certain things, then they will grow up later and indulge in them because they were so deprived. This is ridiculous. And the hypocrites that promote such ideas are entirely inconsistent. Let me explain.

Everyone has standards. And everyone has a line that they draw. There are always places (unless the person has entirely seared his conscience) where that person will not go, or things that person will not do; and they have their reasons why. The Christian who criticizes his brother because he will not go to the beach, and because he teaches against those Christians who do go to the beach; that same criticizer will refrain from going to a strip club, a porn theatre and so on. Both Christians are isolating either themselves or their children; but both Christians do not have the same standard. That is the only difference. So to judge a Christian who holds up a higher standard for the reason that such a Christian is being restrictive to either himself or his family is hypocritical. The only grounds of argument he can legitimately have against the Christian who has a higher standard, is that perhaps the Christian with the higher standard is restricting something that is good, wholesome, or needed (or all of the above), which is what the humanist author attempt to prove.

But one cannot demonstrate from the scriptures that going to a place where people are (for all practical purposes) naked is wholesome or good; nay, quite the opposite! I know that those of you who justify going to the beach have 1001 reasons why you think it is "not harmful" but you have to be totally dishonest with the scriptures and what you know is right, to do so. Decades ago it would never have been acceptable to have even half of the nakedness that is shown today. And for good reason. Repent, child of God! It is unthinkable that I should even have to write such a post! This is how far we have fallen.

You might be thinking there are exceptions. Maybe.... maybe in a very slim circumstance. But not hardly. And remember, everyone thinks they are the exception. That is the number one rule of American Christians.

This post did not turn out as short as I hoped it would be, but it was a good start.

Meditate on this scripture, my brethren:

"And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them." -- Ephesians 5:11

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  1. "I will just say that there is not really a way that a true Christian can go to the typical public beach, or on the typical cruise, and not be totally grieved and want to leave the place."

    He will also be totally grieved at a mall (lingerie adverts, etc), at the check out isle at the grocery store (the magazine rack), and basically any public place when the temperature is above 75 F.

  2. That is one of the reasons we do almost all of our shopping in small Christian towns and Amish country, at local shops (instead of mega stores and big corporations). And this is another reason why we should build our own Christian communities instead of being yoked with unbelievers (2Cor 6:14-18).